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Wooden House

Connecting strong investments to innovative ideas.


Agron Investment Corporation was formed in February 2022 and ended its first year in business with a +100% increase in net worth. We continue to "ask how" in every aspect of our business ⎯ how can we improve? How can we do things better? How can we find new opportunities? And that's where you come in. We invest in good ideas, and yours could be Agron's next smart investment.

Working with Agron has been both fun and rewarding. My husband likes to joke that it's a hobby that pays, which typically isn't the case with hobbies! I greatly enjoy designing spaces and finding places that need renovated and new life brought into them, both of which I get to do working with Agron. Being able to have complete creative control is arguably my favorite part. But, I certainly can't complain about the flexibility or great reward when my properties close.

Hannah Weaver, Executive VP

Employees and officers of Agron Investment Corporation are provided with a monthly financial statement from certified public accountants.

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