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Agron's Investments

Agron Investment Corporation has operations and projects in a variety of enterprises, but we do not limit ourselves to what we already do. We ask how we can expand and explore areas that are untapped and underserved. 

Energy Production

Investments in energy production include independently owning oil and gas wells and partnering with energy companies in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. 



The logging operation includes all types of logs, from high quality walnut to pallet material. Logging is an opportunity Agron continues to invest in by bidding on available jobs. Agron buys logs and will come to your property to bid a job. We pay for the entire job up front, before it begins. For logging inquiries, contact Tim Dennert at 660-605-2193 or


Real Estate

Agron continues to acquire, develop, and remodel real estate in the north central Missouri area. The real estate development thus far has been single-family residential properties.


Stock Trading 

Strategy development around stock trading is a continuous project. New developments in the markets are constantly being sought out by Agron's finance and stock trading team.

Stock Data

Grain Production

Several hundred rented acres are planted by Agron and harvested in the fall.

green corn field in agricultural garden and light shines sunset in the evening Mountain ba


The fall of 2023 is the second year for cattle operations with Agron. The offsite feeder cattle operation will double the number of head this year to increase profits.

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